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Introducing Navy Veteran Samuel T.

June 7, 2021
Austin, TX

Navy veteran Samuel is making bold moves these days. After completing his training on solar installation through Workrise, he got called for a job in San Antonio. The next day, he packed his bags and hit the road, ready to start a new career. “It’s scary to make a leap of faith because I’ve been so used to being in the military. I kind of took a risk and put everything into one shot,” he says. “I have no regrets.”

After just a few months on the job, Samuel was promoted to lead racking and module installer, heading up a team of four people. “I’ve been very happy not only with the job, but because the work was recognized. I’ve never been recognized that fast,” he says.

Part of his success in the field is due to the skills acquired during his 8 years as a hull technician in the Navy. There, he learned to read blueprints and instructions, as well as how to accurately measure and conduct quality control checks. He’s applying these skills directly in his new job, building the first layout of the solar building’s exterior and interior, as well as the walkways between each section of the building.

I love it—getting up to heights and seeing everything around, learning something new, expanding my career possibilities, and being able to better those around me. And the camaraderie has been great.

Samuel T.

He’s also been happy to see that some of the structure he enjoyed in the military is in place at Workrise, too. “Here they recognize you in the exact same way and you’re promoted for the effort that you put in. I’m very satisfied.”

Samuel, who is currently in the reserves, says transitioning out of the military hasn’t always been easy. Due to COVID, he went from his job as an electrical and mechanical engineer to managing a liquor store because no one was hiring. Then he had a two-month window with no work at all. “I’ve had a bumpy experience getting out of the military,” he says.

Military experience can often be either overlooked or underpaid, Samuel says. “So many places would say you’re overqualified and lowball you because they know your work ethic will be greater than what they want to pay you.” He says once he told Workrise about his background, they immediately understood the competencies he could bring to the table.

They recognize skill base and hard work over what you have on your resume. They took a chance on me and it turned out fantastic.

Samuel T.

And Samuel says he feels that Workrise is in it for the long haul with him, offering him the opportunity for more certifications and training. He wants to stay in the field he’s in for right now, expanding later to electrical, and perhaps becoming a supervisor or foreman eventually.

Starting a new career path post-military service was a big step, according to Samuel, one that required humility and resolve. What advice would he give other sailors getting out of the service? “Take everything with a grain of salt and don’t have a big chip on your shoulder. Communicate as much as you can. There’s no such thing as a stupid question,” he says.

Samuel is motivated by more than his post-military career. He’s also working to put food on the table for his children, and offer some important role-modeling.“I want to show my kids that hard work and dedication pays off. There are sacrifices in life. But it’s for the better for the future,” he says.

Workrise is proud to invest in Samuel’s future, and we look forward to supporting his career development.

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