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Workrise Vendor Management

Safety & Compliance

Never question vendor compliance again. Set custom safety and insurance requirements and get notified if a vendor lapses or fails to meet them.

The Path to Better Compliance Starts Here

Mitigate safety risk through automation and optimization, with notifications if and when a vendor falls short.

Collect and Maintain Essential Safety Details

Collect industry standard requirements such as insurance and safety ratings along with your company’s specific requirements, like safety manuals, for your vendors to complete during onboarding.

Access safety and compliance details at any time through their vendor profile.

Navigate Regional Complexities

Tailor-made for the Oil & Gas industry, our software enables teams to capture and verify even the most granular compliance requirements, such as licenses and permits to conduct work on Tribal lands.

Proactive Compliance Monitoring and Alerts

Workrise automatically notifies vendors when it's time to renew their safety and compliance documents, so they can keep their work requirements up to date and minimize any disruptions in service.

We'll also notify you if a vendor falls outside of your acceptable thresholds for insurance and safety ratings or if any of their documents expire.
Mike Witte
Workrise Founder
Safety is foundational not only to how we operate, but to everyone who engages on the network. Workrise is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety, to enable the industry to safely do more, each and every day."

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