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Implementation Process

Getting Started With Workrise Vendor Management

It can take months to onboard a single vendor. And who has the time to learn a new software system? With our intuitive platform and expert teams you'll be up and running with all your vendors within 45 days.

How it Works

Getting started with Workrise is as straightforward as it gets. First we'll help you get up and running, and then we'll continue to support you over time.
Meet your team to make an implementation plan
Provide your vendor list & notify your vendors
Product training for your team
Get started with your account management team
Learn and Evolve (with Data)

A Smarter, Faster Way to Onboard

We make it easy to enter your information, upload your documentation, and get help along the way.
Leverage automation to move fast
Leverage automation to move fast

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Step One

Setting You Up For Success

Meet Your Team

Made up of operations experts, your Implementation team will partner with you and each of your vendors throughout the onboarding process.

Make Your Plan

After an overview of our standard implementation process, we’ll tailor it to your needs, informed by your vendor onboarding priorities and communication preferences.

Step Two

Kicking Off Vendor Onboarding

With our plan in place, we'll begin onboarding your vendors. We'll manage the outreach to collect all the required onboarding documentation. Here’s what we’ll need from you:

Provide Your Vendor List

You'll provide us with a list of vendors you'd like to onboard and their contact information in a template provided by Workrise.

Notify Vendors

We see the most success with onboarding when your vendors receive a heads up from you. We ask all clients to send one email, pre-written by Workrise, to their vendors notifying them of the partnership.

Workrise will take it from here.

Step Three

Product Training

While onboarding is underway, we'll meet with your team to provide a hands-on product training session. You’ll walk away knowing how to:

Search for and add new vendors

Search the Workrise network to discover vendors so you can fill gaps in your vendor list or fulfill just-in-time needs from the field.

View and manage your vendor list

Track onboarding progress, manage contracts, and designate which vendors are approved to work so the field always knows who they can call out for work.

Leverage data and insights

Identify non-compliant vendors, spot service gaps in your vendor list or opportunities to consolidate, and track your vendor spend to make more informed budget decisions.

Step Four

Post Implementation Support

Once implementation is complete, you'll meet your Workrise account management team. They'll provide you with ongoing support.

Continued Vendor Onboarding and Management

Your account team will continue to assist you with onboarding vendors when the need arises. They will also ensure you have access to the all the reporting that's important to your business.

Ongoing Product Training and Updates

We'll provide updates on new capabilities and features when they become available, and can provide training to any new users you add.

Have any feedback? Our team is always looking for ways to improve our capabilities and services, so please feel free to share any thoughts with your Workrise account management team.

How We Partner With Your Vendors

Communication and Support

We provide support for each vendor. A Workrise representative will invite them to join the Workrise network and answer any questions they have along the way.

Document Collection

Vendors will submit all their onboarding documents through their Workrise account. Our team will confirm that the correct documents have been submitted.

Document Verification

If you contract a vendor through Workrise, our team will also verify that the details (e.g. COI limits) of a vendor's onboarding documents meet your exact requirements. For vendors you manage directly, you'll verify the document details through your Workrise account.

Ongoing Management

Vendors get free, ongoing access to their Workrise accounts, making it easy for them to keep their details up to date over time. We automatically notify all vendors when it's time to renew their required documents.



We're With You Every Step of the Way

Reach out to your Workrise specialist or contact our support team at vmsupport@workrise.com for assistance during onboarding and beyond.