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Win the First 100 Days of M&A Integration

If there was a Mount Everest of supply chain challenges, M&A integration in Oil & Gas is it. The climb is steep, and one missed step can be the difference between survival and utter disaster.

Luckily, you have a plan. This guide steps through the critical decisions that mark the first 100 days, and acts as a roadmap for the challenges ahead.

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Thank your for your interest in Workrise. Download the report to learn get a complete picture of the state of the Oil & Gas supply chain.
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M&A Strategy Guide: What's Inside

Managed vendor billing

Day 1-30

Build an understanding for where you need to focus, and the solutions you'll need to develop in the integration process.

Day 31-60

Learn how to define your strategy and communicate that strategy with stakeholders.

Above market compensation

Day 61-90

Launch and begin to execute your integration strategy, while preparing for the migrations defined in days 31-60.

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