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Introducing Laborer and Super Mom Andrea W.

April 28, 2021
Austin, TX

Meet Andrea.

When Andrea W. gets home from work, her two boys like to point out that she’s “pretty muddy”. That’s because Andrea works as a laborer and gatekeeper through Workrise. A single mom, Andrea was working in retail at a mall when she began looking for work that would help her better support her boys—8-year-old Armani and 5-year-old Isaiah. “They’re my main motivation,” she says.

She started out in 2017 working in a warehouse. They needed someone to operate a forklift on the job site, so she took the initiative and got certified for forklifting. Then, she earned her certification in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, known as HAZWOPER, which gave her the knowledge to safely separate and handle chemicals.

She says being one of only a few women on a job site has never bothered her. In fact, she thinks it’s funny when her male co-workers ask her why she doesn’t opt for doing office work.

I just tell them that I enjoy being active and moving around. I like that I’m not sitting down all day, and the pay is better.

Andrea W.

Though there are a few challenges to an active job like Andrea’s, such as lifting heavy objects and unburying parts of the site that are covered in snow, she says she always feels supported on the job site.

Never afraid of a hard day’s work, Andrea balances motherhood with two jobs, while also working towards her associate and bachelor’s degrees in business management. She says that’s why it’s so important to find a job willing to work around her schedule.

It was through her second job as a sales rep for The Denver Post that Andrea found out about Workrise.“They had me out on the site within a week,” she says. “It’s an awesome experience.”

She says Workrise is the best company she’s ever worked for.

Not only do they check on you weekly, but you can tell they have compassion. They go above and beyond for their employees and I enjoy and appreciate that.

Andrea W.

From incentive bonuses to special awards, Andrea says Workrise makes her feel noticed and cared for. The Women Working in Construction Award she received from Workrise sits proudly on her dresser. “I never got that on any other job,” she says. “This is my first award ever.”

She also feels that Workrise encourages her to learn more in the field, and find room for growth. “A management position could go hand-in-hand with my degree,” she says.

Andrea has already come a long way since working in the mall, and she encourages other women to give construction work a try.

Just step in there with confidence. Yes I’m a female, and yes I have gloves and a hammer. And, yes, you might get pretty muddy.

Andrea W.

We’re proud to be part of Andrea’s career path, offering work that allows her to better provide for her children and which helps grow her skills in a field she enjoys.

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