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Workrise Vendor Management


Onboarding and managing vendors is harder than it needs to be. Bring order to the chaos with a single source of truth for all vendor relationships.

Everyone You Work With, Under a Single Roof

An intuitive way to see all your vendors, with clear visibility into onboarding and approval statuses, documentation, and more.

One solution. Two ways to work with your vendors.

Whether you're looking to expand regionally, start something new, offload your hardest vendors or manage a new merger, Workrise is for you.
You and your team do the heavy lifting, with basic support from Workrise.
  • Once you invite a vendor, Workrise teams support them in uploading their critical documents
  • Ensuring your vendors remain compliant is handled by you, aided by compliance tracking via the platform
  • You manage invoicing directly, and are responsible for line item review for accuracy and approvals
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Let Workrise handle the busywork, so you can focus on what matters
  • Everything from onboarding to payments is handled via our platform and dedicated supply chain teams
  • Workrise verifies all vendor documentation against your requirements, and requests new documents annually to continually maintain compliance
  • Workrise reviews invoicing against work orders and price sheets, ensuring accurate billing for you and on-time payments to your vendors.
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Onboard Vendors Without the Hassle

The onboarding process can mean endless emails and missing documents.

We partner with all your vendors to collect contract, safety, and compliance documents. For Managed vendors, we also verify that they meet your exact requirements. This is onboarding done for you in days or weeks, not months.

Get a Complete View of Your Vendors

Say goodbye to multiple systems and spreadsheets.

Track onboarding progress, and view all your vendors all in one place. Easily search and filter your list to find vendors by service, name, location, and other qualifications, then head to their profile for more details and contact information.

Manage Contracts and Work Approvals

Designate whether a vendor is approved to work so your field team never needs to question which vendors are eligible to be called out to the field.

Store MSAs for the vendors you manage directly. Change the contract type to contract a vendor through Workrise, and we'll handle everything from onboarding to payments.
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The Best-In-Class Workrise Experience


Faster Onboarding

Onboard vendors 6x faster than the industry average.


Cost Savings

Save 35% on vendor management costs, throughout the purchasing lifecycle.


Vendor Onboarding Satisfaction

8 in 10 vendors say they're satisfied with their Workrise onboarding experience.

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Simplify your operations with Workrise. Faster onboarding. Clear approval statuses. One list.
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