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March 21, 2022
Austin, TX

Thomas knows hard work. He’s a single dad, retired U.S. Marine, oil and gas completions consultant, and woodworking business owner. With 15 years in Oil & Gas, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Thomas out of his job. As the market recovered, Thomas wanted to return to Oil & Gas and turned to Workrise for help. “I work better with my hands and want to see results that I produce,” Thomas says. “I enjoy doing the stuff that people don’t want to do because they think they’re too good to do the hard work.”

At Workrise, our mission is to empower the people who get hard work done. Our dedicated Upstream and Midstream teams get to know you, your skills, and your desired career path to find you the best opportunities in your preferred location.

In the last six months of 2021, our Upstream and Midstream Recruiting teams placed 245 workers like Thomas, and so far this year we’ve placed 348 workers. Our vast network of clients, including operators, vendors, and E&P companies, ensure we’ll keep you working – in 2022 alone we’ve already submitted workers to roles across almost 100 companies. We know the industry is changing, and we’re here to help.

The Workrise team gets to know you and your skill set to find your next placement. We do the work for you, making sure every job is a good fit, in line with your career goals, and in your preferred location. Our strong relationships with Upstream and Midstream operators ensure Workrise is always ready to place you at your next opportunity. Our support team is here for you by phone or email if you ever have questions, and we always have your back when you need us.

We value the work you do, and know you deserve fast and reliable access to the money you’ve earned. Workrise offers industry-leading split rates, compensation, and additional earning opportunities through bonus and referral programs. Workrise also offers best-in-class healthcare benefits to give you peace of mind.

Back on the job in West Texas, Thomas was injured while asleep in his job-site trailer as a tornado swept through his home. Thomas received the emergency care he needed, but he needed time to recover and his medical bills were adding up. Workrise was able to provide Thomas with paid time off and covered his medical expenses.

Here, you’re more than a number. We’re dedicated to helping you do your work better.

About Us

Workrise is the leading job placement and career building resource for skilled laborers. We help you find work, get paid, and get the training you need. So you can focus less on looking for work and more on what matters to you.

See for yourself and join our network of more than 25,000 Oil & Gas skilled laborers.

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