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Worker Spotlight: Vernell

November 23, 2020
Austin, TX

When flowback well tester Vernell travels to rigs in North Dakota, Wyoming, Texas and New Mexico, he keeps one important thing in mind: his family. He says traveling “makes me realize what I have at home and what I’m working for.”

Vernell is working to give his five children things he didn’t have growing up. “I love taking my family on little mini vacations here and there at a resort or in the mountains of Colorado. I lost both parents as a child... Seeing their happy faces is priceless. I know my parents are looking down.”

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The oil and gas industry runs deep for Vernell—several of his family members worked as roughnecks. After serving for 11 years in the Navy, Vernell himself worked as a roughneck—first as a floor hand, and then as a fill service technician for natural gas compressors.

But after many years in the field, his means of providing for his family was at stake when the energy industry started slowing down. That’s when Vernell first came to Workrise to find work.  Since then, he’s worked 5-6 long term jobs. “Workrise has always been there for me. It’s nice that once you complete your profile and you’re available, someone is working for you to find you a position in the field. I’m not searching for a job. They’re searching for a job for me.”

Having a variety of payment options, including NextDay Pay, makes everything more convenient financially, Vernell says. “I stay ahead of my bills. It gives me time to spend with my family on my days off. I enjoy being my own boss.”

That sense of both stability and independence is especially important when Vernell pulls 12 hour days for 7 days straight. “It gets tiresome and lonely because I’m missing my family.” It’s during those times he also relies on his spirituality and dedication to the Navajo tradition, another crucial part of his life.

Workrise is proud to give Vernell the job opportunities that allow him to both provide for his family and shape his career.

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