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The Texas Cities Leading the Way in Oil & Gas Employment Growth

December 14, 2021
Austin, TX
It’s been a promising six months of Oil & Gas employment growth in Texas, and three cities, in particular, have been major beneficiaries.

Oil & Gas employment is on the rise in Texas as the state proves it is recovering from the economic turmoil caused by the worldwide pandemic.

Signs that the industry is getting back on track are a massive boost to a sector that endured a torrid time in 2020, a year in which the US Oil & Gas industry shed 120,000 jobs due to a fall in oil demand and plummeting oil prices.

But the Texas Oil & Gas sector is fighting back.

The Rise in Texas Oil & Gas Jobs

Employment in the upstream sector in Texas totaled 183,400 in October 2021 — according to recent figures released by the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO) — an increase of 22,800 on the figure for October 2020.

It represented the sixth consecutive month of job growth in the Texas Oil & Gas industry.

TIPRO said the rise consisted of a 21,900 increase in jobs in the services sector and an increase of 900 jobs in oil and natural gas extraction.

Such an increase not only benefits the Texas Oil & Gas industry, but also other sectors of the economy.

What’s the Economic Benefit?

When the “direct, indirect, and induced impact” of the new upstream positions are incorporated, according to TIPRO, there is a multiplier effect of:

  • 6.7% per job for crude petroleum extraction
  • 5.4% per job for natural gas extraction
  • 2.4% per job for drilling oil and gas wells
  • 2% per job for support activities for oil and gas operations

What Types of Workers are in High Demand?

TIPRO noted strong “job posting data” for the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors for the month of October, which was in line with rising employment. TIPRO noted that this data showed “continued demand for talent in the Texas oil and natural gas industry.”

The industry activities with the biggest need for workers, according to the data, were: Support Activities for Oil & Gas Operations (2,265 unique job postings), Crude Petroleum Extraction (1,650), and Petroleum Refineries (1,217).

The types of roles that are in the highest demand are:

  • Heavy tractor-trailer truck drivers (530 unique job postings)
  • Maintenance and repair workers (518)
  • Industrial engineers (360)

Which Texas Cities are Experiencing the Biggest Job Boom?

Three cities, in particular, have experienced a surge in Oil & Gas jobs. When ranked in terms of the number of unique Oil & Gas jobs postings, the three top cities were:

  1. Houston (3,101)
  2. Odessa (707)
  3. Midland (697)

The Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) has said the increase in jobs in the state demonstrates that the economy is strengthening after a period of turbulence caused by the worldwide pandemic.

New Texas Oil & Gas Jobs Boost Wider Economy

According to TXOGA, the creation of jobs in the Texas Oil & Gas industry has the added benefit of leading to an increase in employment in other parts of the state’s economy.

An analysis conducted by TXOGA in partnership with the American Petroleum Institute found that “every direct oil and natural gas job in Texas” generates an additional three jobs elsewhere in the state’s economy. In addition, TXOGA says that Oil & Gas jobs are “among the highest paying jobs in the state.”

How to Find the Right Candidates

A high-quality staffing agency will connect you with the Oil & Gas workers you need. Ask a staffing agency to analyze your specific requirements and identify the best candidates. The agency should also create a pool of backup candidates to ensure your project is always fully staffed.

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