What We Do

We find out the root causes of unhappiness and disengagement at work. We leverage the gold standard methodologies for investigating employees emotions in vivo, and thus eliminate the flaws of conventional survey methodologies. Using state of the art data science, we recommend strategies for work life improvement to both employees and organizations.

The competition for talent is immense, and as leaders, we want to build a thriving work environment. Engaging with our employees is key so that we can get timely, relevant, and frank feedback. The beauty of Workrise is that you can collect specific information from employees at scale and derive actionable insights very quickly. Workrise can be a great employee management platform that helps us tailor our work environment and be the employer of choice.
— Ana Pinczuk - EVP Products, Veritas

Why We Do It

People spend more of their lives working than almost anything else.  Yet scientific evidence shows that employees are, overwhelmingly, unhappy and disengaged at work. 

This unhappiness diminishes people's quality of life, but it also has an enormous financial cost for businesses and other organizations. Unhappiness is a major cause of turnover, lost productivity, and work absences, which collectively cost organizations trillions of dollars globally.

It doesn't have to be this way.

What you can Do

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