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Supermajor Saves Big with Workrise Vendor Management

March 1, 2023
Houston, TX

The Problem

A global supermajor had been experiencing significant operational inefficiency as a result of managing all vendor contracts, onboarding, and payments in-house. Each internal supply chain manager was responsible for handling up to 50 contracts at any given time and was spending just as much time managing their non-core vendors as their core vendors.

This supermajor was in need of a third-party vendor aggregator to take over the contracts and management of their non-core vendors in order to reduce the operational burden put on the internal team.


Saved in Up Front Costs

Workrise Vendor Management: Product Overview
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The Solution

Workise quickly began managing the non-core relationships, providing immediate relief for the internal supply chain team. By managing the contracts, onboarding, HSE, and invoicing the supermajor was able to focus their efforts on core vendors. 

Over time, the supermajor has continued to transition more vendors to Workrise across multiple business units, categories and spend levels, and leveraged our network comprised of 200+ service categories to source new vendors in new basins. To-date, we have onboarded and managed 200+ vendors enabling the team to spend their time creating more value internally.

Through Workrise, the supermajor maintains visibility into their total spend, and can count on all onboarding and invoicing activities to be completed efficiently and accurately.

1-2 Weeks

Average Vendor Onboard Time

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A Proud Partner

Year over year, we have scaled our Vendor Management support for this supermajor by as much as 300%, demonstrating our ability to scale in terms of both volume and complexity of needs. We are proud to empower everyone from global companies to regional producers to more efficiently manage the vendors they need to execute. Get in touch to learn more about how Workrise Vendor Management can help you meet your goals today.

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