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Workrise Vendor Management


Search the Workrise network to quickly find and evaluate Oil & Gas suppliers across 200+ service categories.

No more fruitless phone calls or wasted hours looking for suitable vendors.

The easiest, safest way to build your Oil & Gas vendor list

Discovery makes it easy to find and evaluate vendors that meet your requirements.

New vendors are a search away

Find the energy vendors you need, when you need them with our nationwide network. Search by name or service category, and then drill down by location, company size, or compliance details.

Evaluate vendors, before making a single phone call

Get the additional details you need about a vendor's  services to determine if they're a good fit. Find a complete list of service offerings, plus diversity classifications, and safety stats such as EMR and TRIR.

Add vendors to your AVL with the click of a button

Add a vendor to your approved vendor list (AVL) through your Workrise account, and our team will initiate onboarding directly with the vendor. And with Managed Vendor Services, our dedicated teams will manage the heavy lifting of onboarding and document verification.
The Network

The vendors you need, when you need them.


Service Companies

The top Oil & Gas service categories are respresented on the Workrise Network



Spanning over 200 Service Categories in Oil & Gas and Renewables

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