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3 Ways Workrise Has Your Back as the Oil & Gas Market Evolves

June 29, 2020
Austin, TX

A Partner You Can Trust.

At Workrise (formerly RigUp), we believe in putting our workers first. It’s why we offer one of the lowest split rates in the industry along with better insurance at a lower cost to you. We’re constantly prioritizing the needs of our workforce and developing solutions that create a better experience for everyone in the field.

But as the oil & gas industry continues to evolve, consolidate, and recover, many firms are now introducing unfriendly tactics -- including non-competes and higher split rates -- while offering less service. That’s why we believe it’s important you know where we stand.

How Workrise is Putting Workers First:

  • Workrise will never ask you to sign a non-compete. We believe you should have the right to choose when and for whom you work. This gives you the freedom to fight for better deals and partner with companies you want to work with. We know some firms are now asking you to sign non-competes, especially as many begin to consolidate due to recent impacts in the oil & gas markets. Whether you choose to work with Workrise or not, we suggest you look closely at any contract or non-compete to be sure you understand how it could impact your future ability to find and secure work.

  • Workrise is stronger now than ever before. Over the past two years, Workrise has worked to diversify our business outside of oil & gas, expanding across the solar, wind, construction, and defense industries. This helps us be a stronger partner and advocate for you, especially during this tumultuous time in our industry. You can be confident in our diversified market presence and strong balance sheet as the oil & gas industry continues to recover.

  • Workrise continues to offer fast, flexible payment options. Our company’s strong financial position and diversified market presence means you continue to benefit from reliable, fast payment options, including NextDay Pay. We believe recent market conditions shouldn’t impact your ability to access the money you’ve earned for the work you’ve already done.

Workrise will always have your back in the field.

Get in touch with one of our representatives today to learn more:
Sales@rigup.com | (512) 501-5452

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