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Tips for Pipeline Workers

April 10, 2019
Austin, TX

Did you know the United States has the largest network of energy pipelines in the world? That's 2.4 million miles of pipe! Stay at the top of your game as a pipeline worker by checking out the tips below.

1. Staying Fit

Pipeline work can be physically demanding and requires a certain level of endurance and stamina. Pipeliners can often find themselves in awkward positions doing physically repetitive tasks for long periods of time. On top of that, you're operating tools and have an expectation to work fast! Keep yourself in tip-top shape for pipeline work by doing cardiovascular exercises, such as jogging or cycling. Cardio can help strengthen your heart and lungs to keep you safe and productive at work.

2. Staying Safe

Pipeline work is dangerous, and if you're not careful, deadly. Always wear your personal protective equipment and follow safety protocol to the letter. If you're a welder, avoid long-term eye damage by making sure your helmet’s filter lens meets the recommended shade for your work assignment. Protect your ears by wearing ear plugs or muffs. Wear flame-resistant materials to protect yourself from open flames and radiation. Make sure to replace personal protective equipment when they become damaged or worn.

3. The More You Know, the More You Grow

Your skills should be as sharp as your tools. Keep your certifications current and complete formal trainings by your employer when possible. Organizations like the American Petroleum Institute (API), and National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), offer a wide variety of certification programs that can improve your earning potential and increase the chances of landing your next job. Certification also helps ensure to potential employers that your technical knowledge is up to date!

4. Keep a Current Resume

Your skills aren't the only thing that should be up to date. Keep an updated resume handy with your relevant skills and work experience. Don't waste time struggling to remember details of past jobs when trying to find new work. Update your resume after every job experience to make submitting your resume easy.

Are you looking for your next job on the pipeline? Workrise is looking for qualified pipeline professionals to join our platform. Click here to learn more about becoming pipeliner with Workrise. Know any other useful tips for being a pipeliner? Let us know below!

Source: American Petroleum Institute

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