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The Silent Threat to the Energy Transition: America’s Broken Infrastructure Policy

July 28, 2023
Austin, TX

Making the Case for Change

If you’ve been following along, the energy transition conversation has been dominated by the false narrative of Oil & Gas vs. Renewables, with headlines highlighting new energy production investments occupying the majority of focus from the media.

What people often don't realize is that the biggest threat to success in the energy transition isn't the ability to scale  investment in new energy production - it's our aging grids and broken infrastructure policy.

To illustrate this point, consider this:

In 2022 projects totaling 40% of the total power generation capacity in the US were added to interconnection queues. But due to incredibly slow permitting processes and the complexity of our state-by-state regulatory framework, over the past decade only 23% of all projects in interconnection queues have been completed and plugged into the grid.

Workrise Chief Revenue Officer, Joshua Trott, has spent his career serving the energy industry working with oil and gas, utility and renewables companies. Recently, he lined out the case for comprehensive policy reform in an opinion piece published by RealClearEnergy, a leading publication committed to aggregating and elevating the biggest stories in energy.

Joshua believes this should be Washington's top domestic priority over the next 12 months. It's a clear economic priority, but also a national security priority, as we’ve detailed previously. Head over to Real Clear Energy to read the full text of the article and find out why.


Joshua Trott has spent his career serving the energy industry, including at Workrise where as Chief Revenue Officer (and previously as Head of Oil & Gas) he has helped shepherd the company’s rise to become the No. 1 Oil & Gas labor provider in the country, and played a critical role in guiding its evolution into an end-to-end supply chain solution provider. A lifelong soccer player and fan, he lives in Austin, Texas.

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