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RigUp Launches Rapid COVID-19 Testing Pilot For Its Industrial Workforce

April 8, 2020
Austin, TX

At RigUp, we’ve always been about putting our workers first. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, that means doubling down on our commitment to the health and safety of our workforce.

Our workers are the backbone that help keep our country moving. Even amid this unprecedented outbreak, the majority of our workforce has been deemed essential personnel by state and local governments. Building and maintaining our nation’s infrastructure is a mission critical job. Mitigating the risk of a potential outbreak on a job site is in the best interest of both public health and the continuity of critical infrastructure projects.

That’s why RigUp is excited to announce a new pilot program, in partnership with Houston-based digital health organization imawareTM, providing access to free digital COVID-19 screenings to our workers at select job sites in Texas.

Here’s How it Works

  • Beginning this week, RigUp workers at select Texas job sites will be notified by email if they are eligible to participate in this program. Those workers will be given access to an online assessment through our partner imawareTM, The test is voluntary and is primarily a benefit to workers concerned about potential symptoms or exposure.
  • Workers who are initially classified as “at risk” will have the opportunity to work with our partners to receive a PCR (nasal swab) test for COVID-19 by a licensed medical professional.
  • The test samples will be sent to our laboratory partners for processing. During that time, workers deemed “at risk” will be instructed to not return to work, pending the results. In most cases, our medical partners will be in touch with test results within 2-4 days of the test being administered.
  • Should the test come back positive, the worker will have access to a comprehensive TeleHealth program to discuss the appropriate next steps to manage the illness.

RigUp is providing these tests at no cost to workers eligible to participate in the pilot program. That’s part of our commitment to putting the health and safety of our workforce first. We encourage all of our workers to take the free online diagnostic at least once per week, or any time symptoms and circumstances have changed.

RigUp will constantly monitor and evaluate the results of the pilot, with the hopes of expanding the offering to our workforce nationwide in the coming weeks.

You can read more details about the program in our FAQs below. We've also created this downloadable fact sheet with more information on the program.


Why is RigUp doing this?

The health and safety of our workforce is RigUp’s top priority. COVID-19 presents an unprecedented health and safety risk to our teams as well as a critical business continuity challenge for the clients we serve. We believe that ongoing risk assessment and management of the virus will be a continuing need for the foreseeable future.

Who does the testing benefit?

This new testing process offers added peace of mind to our workforce, ensuring that they are safe at all times when on a job site while mitigating the risk of critical infrastructure projects being disrupted by a potential outbreak.

How is RigUp prioritizing who gets access to the test?

RigUp is providing these tests to select Texas sites where we have the highest density of workers. We are working with job site operators directly to expand access, with the goal of rolling it out to our workforce nationwide in the coming weeks.

How much will this cost?

RigUp is covering the cost of the test for its workers during the pilot phase of the program.

What are the symptoms that are considered “high-risk”?

People who have existing conditions and symptoms as defined by CDC guidelines, and identified through the online diagnostic test may be classified as “high-risk”. These symptoms can include fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Other factors considered include pre-existing conditions, travel history to certain international locations, or close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. “High-risk” patients will be screened either at home or off-site and receive telemedicine support.

How will imaware determine “risk?”

Workers who take the online diagnostic test will be classified in one of three categories:

  • Lower Risk: a majority of workers, over 90%, will fit in this category. They are best managed with mass testing tools such as online daily surveys and point of care tests to maintain health and fitness for work.
  • Medium Risk: a smaller subset of workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 or present symptoms, but do not have underlying health conditions. This group should be quarantined immediately with telemedicine support.
  • High Risk: the smallest subset of workers who have pre-existing conditions and symptoms of the virus. These patients will be home-screened and entered into a comprehensive telemedicine treatment plan.

Will RigUp pay workers who are pulled from a job site due to health concerns?

You are not eligible for pay for days you’re not on site. A RigUp representative will be in touch with a full list of government benefits you’ll be eligible for in the event you’re unable to go to work.

I was potentially exposed to COVID-19, but I do not have any pre-existing conditions.

If you are concerned about potential exposure to COVID-19, you should immediately self-quarantine for 14 days, whether or not you are presenting symptoms. Our free online diagnostic test can help determine what actions you need to take and if you’re eligible for telemedicine support.

Tell me more about the company behind the test?

imawareTM is a Houston, TX based digital health organization that delivers advanced home health tests. Their tests provide earlier awareness, as well as on-going monitoring, of life-altering conditions. Working alongside Government, Laboratories and Physicians, imawareTM helps identify and prioritize care for people infected by the COVID-19 and provides tests for individuals to confirm their recovery from the virus.

Is it FDA/CDC approved?

As part of the pilot phase of this program, RigUp and imawareTM are partnering to create a free, accessible diagnostic tool that helps our workforce identify the appropriate steps they should take to protect themselves. For those workers who do need a test for COVID-19, we have deployed a state-wide network of health professionals to deliver the home-based PCR swab test. This method is the most accurate, and is required as per CDC protocols. Patients will remain in quarantine during the turnaround time for the test, which can range between 2-4 days.

The tests will be processed by our laboratory partners in Austin and Houston.

How is RigUp protecting my personal information? Will RigUp or imawareTM be sharing my test results with local officials?

Rigup and imaware™ are focused on protecting your personal and health-related information.  The imaware™ platform is HIPAA compliant, and securely stores your information and only shares it with the physicians that are providing telemedicine services. As per State law, any individual who tests positive will require our physician to notify Public Health officials. Neither RigUp nor imaware™ sells or shares your information with any other 3rd parties.

What geographic locations are currently considered high-risk?

COVID-19 was characterized by the World Health Organization as a pandemic on March 11, 2020. A pandemic is defined as a worldwide outbreak of disease, with little to no pre-existing immunity against the virus. You should be taking the appropriate precautions to protect yourself, regardless of your geographic location at this time.

What can I do to reduce my chances of transmitting or catching COVID-19?

Take steps to protect yourself, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control. These include washing your hands often with soap and warm water, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and minimizing close contact with other people. If you are sick, stay home and reach out to your primary care doctor or local health department for medical care. You can read our full list of tips, as well as watch a complimentary safety video, on our blog.


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