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Workrise Stands Behind Its Workers

February 20, 2020
Austin, TX

We always have your back in the field.

Workrise (formerly RigUp) always has your back in the field. We offer best-in-class general liability insurance to everyone who works through us, from roughnecks to supervisors. One of the benefits you can get under the Workrise insurance policy is an attorney, at no cost to you, if you are named as a defendant in a lawsuit for something that happened while you are on the job.

Workrise always puts the worker first. It’s why we have the lowest split rate in the industry and why we provide better insurance at a lower cost to you. We’re also committed to never using non-competes, because we believe you should have the freedom to choose how, when, and for whom you work.

How does Workrise protect me?

Our insurance can offer support if you’re named in a lawsuit for an incident on the job site.

  • Our insurance can cover you if you're ever on the receiving end of a lawsuit over something that happened while you were working on the job site.
  • The insurance from Workrise will not cover you if the accident is caused by gross negligence or intentional conduct (i.e. purposely destroying equipment or working under the influence of a substance).

We can back up our claim of fighting for workers. That’s what empowering the people who power the world means to us.

  • Workrise believes non-competes are unfair for independent contractors and has been fighting against contractor non-competes from the state capitol to the courtroom.  We work with our contractors to help them get back to work.
  • If a contractor is injured on the job site, our insurance partner will review the case and work to provide the appropriate response.

What’s in my contract?

We use a standard Independent Contractor Agreement, backed up with our promise to always have our workers’ backs.

  • Our competitors have argued we won’t have your back when push comes to shove in court, but we’ve always stood behind our workers and our word.
  • Some competitors lock contractors up in non-competes, often without them even knowing. We’ll never use non-competes or compromise your freedom of choice in who you work with.

Our insurance goes above and beyond what our competitors offer.

  • General Liability: $25 million
  • Professional Errors and Omissions: $5 million

Who’s covered by Workrise

  • Our liability insurance covers all contractors when they are conducting business through Workrise. When you bill through Workrise, you can rest-assured we’ve got your back.

Our mission at Workrise is to empower the people that power the world. You can always count on us to put people first.

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