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How RigUp is Helping Put Americans Back to Work

May 19, 2020
Austin, TX

RigUp is committed to empowering the people who do the tough work that keeps our country running. In light of the challenges created by the COVID-19 outbreak, that means putting Americans back to work.

On Tuesday, a White House task force invited RigUp’s leadership team to share how the company is helping do just that. In a presentation to the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, RigUp’s CEO Xuan Yong outlined how the company is helping combat America’s skills crisis, by creating more opportunities for people to work through training, retraining, and upskilling programs.

The American Workforce Policy Advisory Board is chaired by Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, and Senior Advisor to the President, Ivanka Trump. Other members include state governors, CEOs (including Apple, Walmart, Home Depot, and Lockheed Martin), representatives of community and technical colleges, universities, and industry associations. The board’s goals are to support workers displaced due to technological change,  to modernize recruiting and training programs, and to encourage investment in workforce development and training.

During the meeting, Yong shared how RigUp is helping workers find more opportunities through training and retraining programs, as well as how RigUp is helping to keep workers safe on the job site.

Watch the full meeting below:


How RigUp Helps

RigUp Academy - Putting People Back to Work:

As opportunities for work change amid the evolving economic environment, RigUp is committed to providing workers with the training, retraining, and upskilling they need to secure jobs in industries that are seeing growth, even amid recent market turbulence.

RigUp Academy offers workers both digital and in-person training programs, ensuring contractors are ready to execute on any operational need. The program has already helped place a number of our workers in new industries and roles.

Former Oil & Gas Superintendent Transitions to Solar
workforce repurposing

Greg was a superintendent at a large petroleum company in the Permian. But in March, Greg lost his job as a result of the downturn in the oil and gas markets. In less than 30 days, RigUp was able to secure Greg to work on a new solar project.

Tradesman More Than Doubles Salary Through Training
workforce reskilling

Martin started as an entry level Firewatch and a painter making $10-$15 an hour. Martin gained access to shipfitting classes, passed his certification and now works as a cleared Shipfitter. Today, he’s making a wage that’s 2 to 3 times more than a typical Firewatch or Painter.

RigUp is proud to have helped workers like Greg and Martin secure new roles through our training and souring teams. By the end of 2020, we expect to have trained over 3,000 workers across 5 industries.

COVID-19 Testing - Prioritizing Workers’ Health:

In light of COVID-19, RigUp is also working to give essential workers peace of mind before they ever show up on the job site, while also ensuring that our customers’ projects continue safely.

Through partnerships, RigUp is helping provide our workers access to digital surveys, nasal swab tests, daily temperature monitoring, telemedicine consults and follow-up care, as well as back to work and antibody testing.

We can deploy this program anywhere in Texas within 24 hours and anywhere within the continental U.S. within 72 hours. As of a few weeks ago, RigUp was helping provide up to 3% of Texas’ daily tests. We’re proud to have partnered with operators to have screened over 1,500 workers in the field.

RigUp workers are the backbone that keep our country moving. We’re honored to share how we’re helping put Americans back to work.

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