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Oil Field Services Company Accelerates Growth with Workrise Client Engagement

September 7, 2022
Midland, TX

Fast, convenient payments and real-time customer service made the difference for this Permian-based service company.

The Problem

After beginning work with an Oil & Gas supermajor, this Permian-based oil field services (OFS) company invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in materials and equipment in
order to service the client. At the same time, they engaged a well-recognized supply chain management provider to streamline invoicing, payments and more with their new client.

Working for months without payment significantly strained their operations. When the service company discovered they’d never been set up in the provider’s payment system, they knew it was time for a change.

The Solution

To be successful, this company needed a provider that would support timely payment for services, and the ability to help streamline back-of-house operations required to support their relationship with their clients.

The existing relationship Workrise had with their supermajor client enabled us to step in and onboard them in a matter of days. By accepting our global MSA and selecting net 5 payment terms, this service company was able to drastically accelerate invoice payments, and solve the cash flow crunch that was undermining their business.

And our solution was able to solve the short term pain, it also provided access to new lines of business with other operators on the network. Now this service company works with the supermajor they started with, as well as Sozo Natural Resources, among others.

“Moving to Workrise Connect was a night and day change and solved a big problem for us. The Workrise team puts the customer first and when I call, they address my requests, frequently within the hour.”

Workrise Vendor Management: Product Overview
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Why It Worked

Better Payment Terms
Workrise pays on time, every time, and negotiates pay rates and requirements upfront.

Simplified Operations
Workrise makes it easy to onboard with new clients quickly, ensure compliance with operator requirements, organize payments, and access records.

Personalized Customer Service
Workrise puts clients’ needs first every time, from addressing questions to solving problems – a dedicated account lead is ready to serve.

Global MSA Network
Workrise provides access to hundreds of operators, including supermajors, who are looking for vendors.

A Proud Partner

Workrise is proud to partner with energy services companies across hundreds of categories nationwide to help them move faster, work smarter, and operate more efficiently. Get in touch to learn how Workrise Connect can help accelerate your business.

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