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Simple Ways to Improve Job Site Safety

August 12, 2020
Austin, TX

At Workrise, safety is always our top priority.

When it comes to the job site, it’s important each worker does their part to create a safe environment.

One of the easiest ways to promote job site safety is by simply being aware of your surroundings.

While that may seem obvious, there are many common distractions that can lead to preventable safety incidents. These can include things like loud noises, conversations with coworkers, multitasking, rushing to get work done, and even working at an unfamiliar job site.

Three Questions to Promote Safety

To reduce risk, safety experts suggest asking yourself three questions before starting any work:

-Does anything in my work area pose a threat to my safety, and if so, to what extent?

-Is the threat great enough that I should stop working immediately?

-Can I do anything to reduce the risk exposure so that I can continue to work safely?

Real-World Example

In a recent example, two workers were working on a meter at a job site when they heard a gunshot go off near them. The workers tried to alert the shooter they were down range from the gunfire by shouting and honking their horns. But several more shots were fired. The workers later learned that a nearby landowner believed the workers were trespassers and was firing in their direction to scare them off. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

This example is an important reminder to be aware of your surroundings at all times, even at job sites where danger does not appear to be imminent.

Safety Lessons Learned

Some additional takeaways from this incident included:

-Ensure the client, land owner, and operator all know each other and are aware of the work being done on the property.

-Wear all proper PPE, including high-visibility vests.

-Immediately take cover and call local authorities in the event of active gunfire

-Do NOT investigate the incident on your own.

In many parts of the country, including Texas, September marks the beginning of hunting season. Workers should exercise increased caution when operating in areas where hunting is popular, and always be aware of their surroundings.

Know How to Respond

If a safety incident or question comes up when you are in the field, it’s also important you know how to respond appropriately:

-Call 911 if necessary

-Notify your client immediately

-Notify HSEreporting@rigup.com immediately

Taking time to evaluate and mitigate risk is of the utmost importance, no matter the job site. We appreciate your help in creating a safer work environment for everybody.

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