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How To Stay Hydrated in the Oilfield

August 29, 2018
Austin, TX

Grabbing an energy drink sounds good when you’re up when the sun rises to begin non-stop work. It’s quick, easy, and refreshing. But what you may not realize is the dangers that come from drinking Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, and more.

These drinks are great for a quick burst and tasty flavor, but they’re loaded with caffeine and sugar that could cause serious problems, especially for those working at a drilling rig.

Love Your Heart!

Energy drinks are bad news for your arteries and capillaries, causing your heart to work overtime resulting in high blood pressure and accelerated heart rate. If you’re doing physical labor this could add extra stress and may lead to a more serious condition such as cardiac arrest.

“A 2016 study showed that 18-40 year-olds who drank energy drinks had a significant increase in their QTc interval, which is a marker of abnormal heart rhythm risk.”

-Caffeine Informer

Wet the Whistle With Water!

When working on location, water is the best option and an energy drink is no replacement. When you’re thirsty and use energy drinks to hydrate, it creates a negative effect within your nervous system. Dr. Manny Alvarez from Fox News highlights this saying,

“Because energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine, a diuretic, people risk dehydrating more quickly in the heat [rather than water or electrolyte drinks].”

- Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News

This isn’t to say you should never have an energy drink, but rather watch your consumption. More than once a day can lead to health complications such as insomnia, headaches, caffeine shakes, anxiety, and accelerated heart rate.

It becomes especially dangerous when one is exerting physical labor outside in the heat leading to heat exhaustion and high blood pressure. If you’re feeling shaky or dehydrated, grab a bottle of water and ditch the energy drink!

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