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How Supply Chain Can Support Field Operations Teams Without the Heavy Lifting

May 5, 2023

Supply Chain Leaders Need to Help Field Teams Source Vendors Quickly to Minimize Project Delays – Partnering With Workrise Means Pre-Approved Vendors Can Be Put to Work Quickly 

Supply chain leaders have to work with field operations teams to ensure that vendors are compliant and perform to the required standard. This can be a cumbersome task for both supply chain leaders and operations teams. Negotiating Master Service Agreements (MSAs) and onboarding vendors can be extremely time consuming and that's just the start. 

Sourcing vendors can be made more difficult due to supply chain leaders and field operations teams potentially having conflicting priorities. Supply chain leaders have to ensure vendors are sourced strategically and have all the required qualifications and certifications, while field operations teams are under pressure to minimize project downtime and get vendors on site as quickly as possible.

The problems, and financial costs, caused by delays in sourcing vendors can be substantial, with reports showing that stalled oil and gas projects can end up in costing hundreds of millions of dollars.[1] One study showed the annual cost of non-productive time at a group of 60 oil rigs amounted to nearly $62 million.[2} 

While field ops teams need to source vendors quickly to minimize this expensive downtime, identifying the right ones can be difficult, especially if the requirement relates to a new category of work or a location where there is unfamiliarity with suitable suppliers. If the complexity of meeting supply chain team requirements is added, it’s a daunting task to find and onboard the vendors ops teams need when they need them. 

Source Compliant Vendors Within Budget

Partnering with Workrise means supply chain leaders enable field operations teams to easily identify vendors that have been approved and quickly put them to work on a project. Workrise can help businesses to:  

  • Ensure vendors have the required qualifications and certifications so operations teams can get compliant vendors to work quickly. The Workrise Platform enables supply chain teams to set parameters for a vendor list using their own unique criteria to ensure each supplier is compliant.
  • Gives visibility into spend data in real time so operations teams can ensure projects stay on budget. The Workrise Platform provides analytics and visibility into what has been invoiced by a vendor at the region, category, vendor and project level all in real time to help field operations teams stay on budget. 
  • Streamlines invoicing so operations teams spend less time managing disparate vendors. The Workrise Platform coalesces all invoices so they come from a singular source enabling better data visibility and less time spent managing disparate vendors. Ultimately saving time and money.

Free Up Time for Strategic Tasks

Using Workrise means supply chain leaders spend less time ensuring field teams are using approved vendors and frees them up to prioritizing whats important.

Let’s Talk

At Workrise, we take the burden out of vendor management. For best in class supply chain solutions, lets chat.

Workrise Vendor Management: Product Overview
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