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RigUp Offers Free Solar Training As Demand For Workers Grows

October 14, 2020
Austin, TX

Interested in a career in solar? RigUp pays to get you trained!

RigUp is committed to putting people back to work. That’s why we’re proud to launch a new, free training program in the Austin area - with the goal of giving workers the skills they need to qualify for in-demand roles in the solar industry.

The solar industry is one of the fastest growing industries in America. But right now, there aren’t enough workers to fill the many open positions that help keep large-scale solar projects across the country running on schedule.

That's where RigUp Academy can help. Now more than ever, we know people are looking for consistent work in growing industries that offer reliable pay every week. So whether you have basic construction experience or are considering a career in solar for the first time, RigUp offers the training you need to immediately get to work.

In the Austin-area alone, we have hundreds of open skilled trades and general construction labor positions. And with just two days of training, RigUp provides you with the right skills to get to work right away. RigUp not only covers the cost of these courses, but we also pay you for the time you spend in the classroom.

What You Need to Know

  • Free, 2-day training program
  • Available in Austin, TX area only
  • Pay during training period starts at $15/hour
  • Courses include OSHA10, Solar 101, and project-specific orientation
  • Train immediately and get added to our pool of candidates
  • Courses offered each week, beginning 10/26
Ready to get to work?
Call (512) 819-6200 to get started.

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