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Company News

June 16, 2021
Austin, TX

Giving Back

Workrise is committed to the people who get the hard work done. Part of that mission is to lower the barriers to entry for workers and create pathways into sustainable careers. That’s why Workrise established the Elevate Foundation, which seeks community partnerships to reduce the unemployment and wage gap for Black Americans.

The Elevate Foundation provides grant funding on a quarterly basis to non-profit organizations such as ForKids, an economic mobility program in Norfolk, Virginia, and HAUL, a workforce development and training program in Houston, Texas.


ForKids provides adults and parenting youth living in poverty with sustainable employment opportunities in several industries, with a focus on long-term economic stability. Their unique coaching model helps identify and overcome barriers and maintain employment while meeting family obligations. Their Economic Mobility program provides financial assistance for transportation, childcare and other expenses related to training.

Houston Area Urban League

The mission of the Houston Area Urban League (HAUL) is to enable African Americans and other minorities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. They do this in part through their Urban Jobs Program (UJP) which provides direct educational services, financial coaching, and training opportunities leading to employment in the Construction, Manufacturing, Supply Chain/Logistics, Maritime and Information and Technology sectors.

As a Workrise initiative, the Elevate Foundation has contributed $25,000 to each of these organizations to date, creating economic opportunities through upskilling, training, and additional career advancement support.

Together, we aim for two important and related objectives: establishing long-term community partnerships and reducing the unemployment and wage gap for Black Americans. The Elevate Foundation looks forward to funding more organizations like these in the future in five target cities: Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Norfolk to make an even deeper impact in these communities where it counts.

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