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How Oil & Gas Veteran David Willis Fought and Won His Non-Compete Case

December 17, 2021
Kilgore, TX

40 Years in the Making

David Willis started working “Worm’s Corner” on a drilling rig at just 17 years old. He was eager to prove himself and learn the ins and outs of the oil & gas industry. For the past 40 years he’s climbed the ranks and is currently a Completion and Production Consultant.

David joined Workrise in 2018, looking to take advantage of lower rates and benefits. “The consulting firm I was working for was taking three times the amount that Workrise had offered to take. Workrise also offered Medical insurance, so it was just a better deal all around."

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A Challenging Time

But when David started with Workrise, he immediately received a restraining order from the previous consulting firm, pulling him off the job-site and cutting off his source of income. “It was hurtful to know I was going home and not be able to provide for my family.”

Distraught, David knew he would need to get an attorney and get back to work as soon as possible. "I ended up getting a call from Workrise, one of the ladies that called me asked if I wanted to fight the noncompete- and I told her ‘yes.’"

Workrise supplied David with attorneys to challenge the non-compete, and were determined to win.

The Verdict

The case started locally in the county court. After several appeals, the case made its way to the Texas Supreme Court. Workrise supported David through each step of the process. On Sept. 20, 2021, the Texas Supreme court voted in favor of David.

"It made me a firm believer that Workrise was the company I wanted to stay with. They proved to a guy that didn’t deserve anything that they were a really good company."

Standing by Our Workers

Since the beginning, Workrise has committed to never use non-competes. We believe skilled laborers should get to choose who they work for.

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