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Creating Equal Opportunity for Work

June 8, 2020
Austin, TX

RigUp’s mission is to empower the people who power the world. That mission requires us to stand up for people of every race, identity, and religion. And today, it requires us to show up -- in words and in action -- in support of Black communities across America.

Protesters across this country and around the world are demanding something that has long been promised: justice, fairness, and equality. We believe it’s time for all of us to take the immediate, necessary steps to address the ongoing and systemic issue of racism in our country and finally deliver on that promise.


Internally, RigUp is conducting a review of our corporate-level teams across all roles. We are working with an external partner to identify areas we need to improve and will establish an immediate goal of improving our hiring and recruiting practices to promote more diversity across our corporate-level workforce.

Externally, we believe the best way we can show our commitment to change is by doing our part to bridge the opportunity gap faced by Black Americans. For the last two years, Black unemployment has been double the national average. Last year, the median income of Black households was 35% below the overall U.S. household median. We believe our platform can be part of the solution by improving access to better jobs and more pay through upskilling and training programs.

That’s why we are committing an initial $200,000 investment into workforce training programs that can help directly address the income and unemployment gap, specifically for Black Americans. We’re also working to establish a scholarship fund to support ongoing access to these reskilling and training programs. As RigUp's founders, we will make the first contribution of $50,000 to this scholarship fund.

RigUp is committed to building a better America for our workforce, our communities, and our families. We know that these immediate steps are just the beginning of an important conversation about how we show up more and do our part to promote equity and justice in this country.


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