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5 Qualities Companies Look for When Hiring a Directional Driller

September 18, 2018
Austin, TX

As an independent contractor, it’s essential to know which skills and qualities appeal to a wide range of oil and gas companies. While some companies seek specific certifications and experience, there are a few qualities that make a directional driller (DD) stand out in any pile of applications. When building your resume or interviewing for a position as a DD, highlight your excellence in the following five areas:

1. Meaningful Experience

It may seem obvious, but companies want to see more than a number when it comes to your experience. Companies want to see that the experience you gained in your previous roles has equipped you in unique, meaningful ways for this position as a directional driller. Explicitly state the skills and management style you refined in that position, the specific equipment (bent subs, mud motors, tools) and projects you mastered, and the obstacles you overcame, including the methods used to navigate through them.

2. Adaptability

The hands-on, demanding job that is directional drilling requires quick learning and adaptability. Clearly demonstrate your ability to alter plans when challenges arise during drilling along with how you have been flexible in management or communication styles to accommodate different clients and peers. Highlight your flexibility in coordinating people and machinery along with your willingness to learn.

3. Communication Skills

“Strong communication skills” is one of the qualities sought after on every job posting for a DD. Companies expect professionalism and clarity in all verbal and e-mail communication with crew members, clients, drilling engineers, and third-party wellsite colleagues. Highlight your care for the customer with a history of client relationships and adherence to client expectations. Show companies this and your willingness to manage, when applicable, junior positions at the wellsite by setting clear expectations and listening to others’ needs.

4. Problem-Solving Ability

Directional drillers are expected to troubleshoot problems that arise during drilling and coordinate drilling techniques according to the particular characteristics of the formation. Because drilling a directional well is challenging, a DD should expect complex problems. Include your experience resolving problems quickly with your expertise in data analysis and directional tools.

5. Responsibility

Every directional driller working on site must be dependable as there are no opportunities for mistakes in the field. This position requires consistent data-keeping, careful planning, equipment management, and availability, so companies will be attracted to especially responsible candidates. Companies seek DDs with clean driving records, so include that in your resume. A CDL is typically not required, but it is noteworthy.

These qualities in a directional driller are extremely valuable to an operator or service company who wants a job done efficiently and effectively. Emphasize your meaningful experience, adaptability, unique problem-solving ability, responsibility, and outstanding communication skills when presenting your candidacy for a position, and you will certainly impress any company. Visit the Workrise site to learn more about directional drillers and see how Workrise helps directional drillers make up to $30,000 more a year.

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