Scout Clean Energy is dedicated to transforming the world’s energy mix to renewable sources. The company’s focus is on efficient operations with a commitment to clean power from Wind and Solar developments. 

As Scout’s two-year WTG warranty period came to an end, Scout began considering the need for end-of-warranty inspection services across their Wind Turbine Generators (WTG). The conclusion of a warranty period and transition into a Full-Service Agreement (FSA) is an important point in time for any wind farm, and ensuring WTGs are in working order and in top condition is a top priority. 

Although Scout has a great relationship with their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), they wanted to do their due diligence when inspecting the condition of their WTGs — a standard practice. Scout also recognized the value of working with a reliable partner to complete end-of-warranty inspections and had positive experiences with Workrise completing BoP (Balance of Plant) work in the past.

We’ve always had a good working relationship with Workrise and they made it clear that they had key capabilities, specifically related to borescope inspections. Bernardo L. — Senior Director of Plant Operations, Scout Clean Energy

The Goal

Workrise was previously in charge of Scout’s BoP wind farm work for its first year of operations, so the team was aware of any existing issues. As Scout explored potential end-of-warranty service providers, the traditional players in the market were very expensive. Scout was looking for alternatives that could provide the same level of quality at a lower price point. Workrise’s flexible and competitive end-of-warranty packages meant that Scout was able to get the inspections they needed within their budget while prioritizing the services they needed most. 

Success for Scout meant quality work and safety above all. Workrise was tasked with assessing the condition of the turbines, including the gearbox, borescope, and blade inspection. The project required a thorough inspection of 60 wind turbines across the entire plant. 


Wind Turbines Inspected


Inspections Completed On-Time


Safety Incidents

The Solution

Workrise was able to complete all of the necessary assessments quickly and effectively while providing a competitive bid as well as comprehensive, compelling, and fact-based summaries and reports. The reports created from these inspections are arguably the most important element of end-of-warranty inspections. They’re the key deliverable showing the data and evidence of any current or potential problems that exist before the service period ends. These reports must be clear, concise, and provide unbiased evidence of any damage to the WTGs or needed replacement parts, and ultimately ensure the longevity of the WTGs on the Scout wind farm. 

In this instance, the inspections and reports uncovered a number of defects that Scout was able to claim as a serial defect within the gearbox. 

Why It Worked

Reliable Results

Workrise delivered quality end-of-warranty inspections and concise reports for over 60 wind turbines. The services were done on time and without any safety incidents.

Availability and Speed

Workrise was able to complete the necessary product inspections and assessments quickly and efficiently.

Expansive Workforce

The Workrise team had a history of providing high-quality work for Scout. This relationship presented an opportunity for services like end-of-warranty inspection.

Cost Savings

Workrise was able to provide flexible, competitive services that helped Scout save money and show serial defects that prevented future damages and downtime.


Workrise demonstrated its understanding of Scout’s unique and complex needs in relation to their WTG end of warranty inspections. Workrise produced quality work within Scout’s allocated budget and provided clear, comprehensive reports that ultimately enabled Scout to claim serial defects that saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in future potential downtime, repair costs, and replacement parts. Additionally, Scout reported that having a strong existing working relationship, and knowing the quality of work they would receive with Workrise, was the key to their success on this project.

Having a good working relationship with Workrise was key because we knew we could talk frankly about what we needed. We also knew the quality of the work would be top-notch, coupled with a great price. Bernardo L. — Senior Director of Plant Operations, Scout Clean Energy

A Proud Partner

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