Our customer, Intex, is an electrical contractor specializing in new construction, design-build, residential, and commercial electrical projects of all sizes. Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the company is in constant need of seasoned electricians—workers with a few years of experience who can walk onto the job and immediately get to work.

Project manager, Dustin P, is a man with a thousand things to check off his list each day. Given his other responsibilities, he needs a staffing partner who can reliably send high-quality electricians to his jobs, work with him to keep attendance high and costs down, and troubleshoot when needed.


Intex looks for workers with specific experience levels, at specific pay rates. This Project Manager looks for workforce partners who understand his needs and are available to support him when he needs it.

The Solution

Workrise works in close partnership with Dustin P at Intex on a regular basis, recruiting and sending electricians to Dustin’s job sites, checking in regularly on project status, troubleshooting, and managing pipeline for upcoming projects. His partnership with his account manager, Cody, has given him confidence that if he needs something, Workrise will be there.

Since Cody, my account manager, knows what I’m expecting or looking for, I just tell him how many guys I need on which job. He makes my life easy and he just takes care of it. Dustin P — Project Manager

“If there is an issue—as far as fulfilling the number of guys or he needs more than a day or two to make that happen—he’ll immediately let me know if there’s a problem, which I really like.” Even when there are challenges, Cody keeps Dustin in the loop.

Why it Works

Right workers, right job

Workrise delivers Dustin high quality workers that typically, he doesn’t have to replace. With other companies he works with, the workers aren’t always as high quality.

Support & responses 24/7

More than anything, Intex appreciates the level of service and responsiveness from Workrise. He says,”They always goes above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of.”

Cost Effectiveness

When Intex needs more workers, Workrise works within the boundaries of their budget to deliver what they need. Workrise can identify the workers that fit within budget.

Back Up Plans

Things don’t always go as planned and sometimes Intex needs replacements. Workrise always has workers at the ready to step in if something happens.


Quality Help

And it’s not just for projects with longer lead times. For Dustin, “There’s been times that I call or email at five or five-thirty saying, ‘I’m in a bind, I need five or six guys on job the next day,’ and nine times out of ten [Workrise] can fulfill that. And it’s not just throwing somebody out there, it’s good-quality guys that I’m not having to worry about replacing. Once y’all send them out, they’re quality help. That’s a big deal for me.”


We are proud to partner with people like Dustin to help them get the work that needs doing done. Get in touch to learn how Workrise can work for you.

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