At Workrise (formerly RigUp), we live for the opportunity to get to know our customers, and witness firsthand how our solutions empower the people who power our world.

That’s why we’re excited to shine a spotlight on Workrise Trailblazers, customers who are helping us pave the way for a brighter tomorrow in the energy industry and beyond.

Meet Ross Setchell, the first of many Workrise Trailblazers we’re excited to introduce you to this year. We recently had the amazing opportunity to visit Ross and his beautiful family in rural Bridgeport, WV. 

Ross is with Workrise because his client, like many operators, chooses to bill through Workrise exclusively. This decision works out great for Ross and his family because Ross now takes home more money and gets paid significantly faster than ever before. 

With traditional consulting firms, Ross was waiting anywhere from two to four weeks to get paid, and was paying split rates as high as 30%. Through Workrise, Ross only pays a 6% split rate, and gets paid within five days of job sheet approval. Oftentimes, Ross takes advantage of our NextDay Pay offering, which is very helpful for his family’s budget. 

Ross’ wife is a part-time wedding photographer and full-time mother. She and their three children depend on Ross’ income to help provide for the family. We’re proud to have Ross depend on Workrise for the best, fastest pay in the energy industry – as well as the full transparency and support he deserves.

View Ross’ story above, and stay tuned for more Workrise Trailblazer videos throughout 2020. 

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