Jerry N. grew up in the skilled trades. From a young age in upstate New York, he was hopping in the truck with his dad to go help out with his electrical, plumbing, and HVAC business. Early mornings were spent pulling wire, gluing pipe, repairing vents, and learning how work can and should get done.

Because the name of his dad’s business was on the line, everything had to be done right.

“He taught me to take the extra steps to do it right, and think about the next guy.”

After high school, Jerry got a degree, then a job, in computer information systems. It didn’t take long for him to realize that sitting behind a desk fixing keyboards and running software updates wasn’t for him.  “People only contact you when things are broken and they are generally pissed off. Someone spills coffee on their keyboard, and you’re just the guy that is there to get them back to normal,” he says. “It wasn’t the career I wanted.”  

So, Jerry chose to come back to the thing he knew best: electrical work.

I love electrical work—I think it’s fascinating. You can’t see it, but it makes everything work. It helps so many people. And I get to make that happen. Jerry N.

Now in Colorado, Jerry took a job with Workrise on a recommendation from a friend. In addition to earning a living wage, he says Workrise has connected him to an amazing community of workers who have helped his career growth and ensures he always has another job lined up. 

Most of all, he’s proud to tell his dad about everything he’s learned. “If it wasn’t for him, I’d never be where I am now,” Jerry says.

And he’s already got his sights set on what’s next: working his way up to journeyman. 

This is Jerry’s story, at least up until now. We can’t wait to see what he becomes.