Adapting to Change

As the Oil & Gas industry adapts to a changing environment, Workrise is here to support our clients. 

From the 245 workers placed at the end of 2021 to the 348 workers placed so far this year, our highly trained, flexible workforce helps you scale to meet your needs. 

At Workrise, dedicated Upstream and Midstream recruiting teams partner closely with clients to understand their unique worker qualification needs and match them with the most qualified candidates. We vet, interview, and manage candidates ensuring you always get the best talent in the industry. No matter the job or location, we’ve got you covered. Our talented pool of workers can already be found in every basin, reducing sourcing barriers at even the most remote locations. 


Experience Matters

Our highly-qualified consultants help you get the most out of your jobsites. This starts with a focus on quality, ensuring that each and every job gets done right the first time. We’re also proud of our best-in-class safety record. Keeping our workers safe and your projects on track without incident is our highest priority. With reliable results and competitive rates, Workrise is the most cost-effective solution for your labor needs. 

No matter what your staffing needs are, our diverse pool of consultants can help you meet your goals.


New Frontiers in Project-Based Work

With the changing market we’ve seen a shift in requested positions. Field and supervisor-level positions have always been filled by largely contract workers, but many operators are turning to Workrise to provide talent that historically have been full-time employees such as in office, lease operator, supply chain, engineering, and other similar roles.

Regardless of what comes next for the Oil & Gas industry, the dedicated Upstream and Midstream recruiting teams from Workrise are equipped with the expertise to help you get the job done.