Client Overview

Our client is a global aerospace and defense technology company. This company partners with the Navy on ship repair projects to maintain the fleet of  some of the most complex weapon systems on the planet. Each ship’s equipment and its accompanying systems need constant upgrades and maintenance requiring special skills.

The complexity of managing these projects, including constantly changing workforce needs, led this a program manager from this company to look for flexible workforce partnerships that could help them maintain the rigorous quality standards while staffing its projects cost-effectively.

Top Customer Priorities

Source Specialized, Quality Talent

Navy ships are highly complex, requiring a highly specialized workforce with security clearance. The quality of that talent is just as important as the hard skills.

Top-tier Workforce Attendance Rates

Workers showing up to work is a constant struggle. This client need to ensure that the workforce partner they chose would deliver workers that always showed up.

Best-in-class Service

Partnering with large corporations often means you’re just a number. This client wanted a partnership where they got the answers and service they needed quickly.

Flexibility and Agility

With priorities changing on a dime, the Program Manager wanted a staffing partner who could react quickly, scaling up or down as needed.

The Solution

This Program Manager has partnered closely with Workrise (Formerly Shipyard Staffing) since 2016. This Program Manager leverages Workrise to staff all of his projects.  He partners with Workrise because he needed a workforce solution that could handle quickly shifting needs, and of course, a partner who could help with problem-solving and troubleshooting if things didn’t go as planned.

While he works closely with 2 other workforce providers to staff his jobsite, Workrise is the company that consistently delivers what he needs.

Workrise (Formerly Shipyard Staffing) is a lot easier for us to work with than other contractors… I get 24-hour access to all my recruiters who deal with my projects. Norfolk Shipyard — Program Manager

“If I need something right away—or if something happens to someone on my job—I have direct access to a recruiter… I can’t say that about other people I work with.” This kind of access to recruiters ensures our clients are able to meet their needs week-in, week-out.


Because of the service he’s experienced and the quality of the workforce he’s received, the vast majority of this client’s outsourced labor now comes from Workrise. This is primarily because he knows he can count on his account manager to deliver, he doesn’t feel like just a number.

“Once the clock stops with other vendors, the clock stops. But with Shipyard Staffing, the clock doesn’t stop. The recruiter I work with sent me her vacation schedule and her email said, ‘If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to call me.’ That’s a lot better service than I get from other contractors.”

Delivering the right workers


Years Exceeding Expectations


Workers Currently on Projects


Support and Availability

A Proud Partner

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