Anne Hardy, CEO

Founder, CEO. Co-Founder and CEO. Anne is an high-tech executive with a broad experience including managing organizations to release telecom and enterprise software, leading research labs, managing developer relations, initiating and driving deep cultural changes in the industry and corporations. She worked for over 10 years at SAP successively as VP of Research, VP of Developer Relations and VP of Culture. Above everything else, Anne is obsessed with making teams enjoy their time at work. Anne creates fun and builds trust; she pursues challenges and adventures; she is open minded with a little stubbornness. She is an Engineer, an MBA graduate and a certified coach. She is a passionate advocate for women in technology: she founded the Dare 2B Digital conference and she sits on the Anita Borg Institute’s Board of Trustees. Anne grew up as a competitive gymnast. She is now an ultra-marathoner and triathlete.


CMO, Board Member. One of the first European women to start a tech company in the Silicon Valley, she co-founded ACIUS/4D with Guy Kawasaki in 1987. She later became the CEO of Exemplary Software (spin off from HPLabs) and Brixlogic, a platform for the native implementation of XML Schemas acquired by Diebold, and TalentCircles, a platform enabling organizations to create talent communities. Throughout her career, Marylene has also assisted about multiple companies as a shadow CEO, board member, advisor, or M&A facilitator including Atomz (acquired by Adobe), Lyatiss (acquired by F5 Networks) or Objective Marketer (acquired by EmailVision). A graduate from l'Ecole normale supérieure, Marylene has a doctorate in philosophy, taught formal logic and the history of sciences before becoming an entrepreneur.



Founder, SVP of Engineering. Dominique is a veteran of the software industry and serial entrepreneur as SVP of Engineering or CTO. Dominique is a proponent of collaborative management enabling software engineers to create innovative applications while developing new personal skills. His broad start-up experience ranges from QA, architecture, software design, development & implementation, unit-testing, continuous integration, DevOps, management and hiring to tactical and strategic decision making while listening to customers needs and transcending them into kick-ass new features. Before co-founding Workrise, he practiced his art in databases, XML, banking, ATM software, payment processors, fab software management, social recruiting platforms and many other Enterprise solutions.  Dominique loves watching the sky with his telescopes to forget about all these things. Last but not least Dominique has common sense philosophy: a good software bug is a dead software bug.


Chief Architect, data scientist. Geoffrey studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, where he founded Alumwire/TalentCircles as an undergrad. He has over 10 years of experience with software design, architecture, computer security, UI/UX, DevOps, management, and outsourcing.