New! A book by my friend and colleague, Marylene Delbourg-Delphis.

Culture is less about “values,” and much more about employee belongingness. It’s about how employees experience that the company’s culture and to what extent they feel they belong. In her book, Marylene, a co-founder of Workrise, analyzes how to best hire to create a sense of community, how to design the work to create and sustain engagement, and how to lead to strengthen the employees’ commitment to the organization.

The book is based on Marylene’s extensive experience as a serial CEO, executive consultant and Board Member, on a considerable body of organizational studies performed by researchers throughout the world, and on extensive investigations on the employees’ emotions at work in multiple companies using Workrise, a comprehensive platform that leverages vetted scientific methodologies in behavioral economics to assess the subjective well-being of individuals, evaluate the intensity of employee belonginess, the vibrancy of a company culture.

Marylene’s book makes a difference. It’s inspirational, yes, but above all, it’s easy to read and her recommendations are pragmatic and actionable by executives, managers and HR teams in companies of all sizes as praised by some of the early endorsements of the book:

Peter Cappelli, Professor of Management at Wharton School and Director of the Wharton's Center for Human Resources: “The energizing culture of the start-up world can be imported to even the biggest organizations. A powerful case for bringing the human element back into management.”

Guy Kawasaki, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Evangelist, Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador, and Executive Fellow Haas School of Business: “This is a GREAT book. When you have terrific people who love their job, not even the sky is the limit.”

Dan Farber, SVP Strategic Communications, Salesforce: “The definitive guidebook for navigating the future of work and building the ‘human infrastructure’ that engages the hearts and souls of employees, and establishes enduring cultures of trust.” Dan Farber, SVP Strategic Communications, Salesforce.

Gilles-Noël Poirieux, EVH President, Sodexo veteran (Former Poland & Russia GM and head of its Management Institute): “A clear, operational, and forward-looking approach to the art of working, regardless of a company’s stage of development.” Gilles-Noël Poirieux, EVH President, Sodexo veteran (Former Poland & Russia GM and head of its Management Institute).

Jessica Miller-Merrell, Founder/CEO of Workology, HR Leader, Author, Speaker: “Marylene's insights into the new workplace are spot on with current and future trends in this tight talent market.”

The book is available on Amazon.com

Marylene also translated her book into French: Amazon.fr